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The date of birth of every individual is very important and essential part of their life. The numbers are reflected in all aspects of life including names. Every English alphabet has a numerical value and the lifestyle of that person can be determined using these values.
Numbers also play a role in sports as we can see numbers on the jerseys of players from every sport. The infamous no. 7 is lucky for M.S Dhoni and from his date of birth and numerical value of his name will reveal that number is one of the reasons his efforts have bloomed and he has had a successful life. Not to be mistaken, effort does play a role for success but not every effort bears fruit, for that you will need luck.
Similarly, everybody’s date of birth has significance in their life and deciphering these can help individuals achieve what is there’s. There are three patterns of numbers; the birth number and the fate number will produce a combination of numbers. This combination gauges the power of the human being.
Based on the numbers that surround your life, it will be easy to understand which God is lucky for you, which stone can change your luck and which date is most appropriate for your efforts to bring success. The secret numbers are derived from the birth date and then the Yoga planet, the Yoga star and the Yoga alphabet or the lucky alphabet can be determined to bring forth a life of prosperity. The achievement of an individual is assigned to a certain number and we will help you attain a successful lifestyle.
With our help, success is not far away.
For your help, we will provide you with the following details:
1. Your complete name
2. Your name will be analyzed and the strength of the alphabets in your name will be determined.
3. Ten lucky names will provided to you and their explanations will be given.
4. The pronunciation of the lucky names will be provided to you with explanation.
5. The planetary influence to your lucky names will be stated
6. Changes will be given to the name in order to make it a lucky name and elevate its positivity.
Thoroughly, your date of birth will be analyzed and the entire details will be given through e-mail. We will require your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. All the details and predictions of your Horoscope and the explanation will be given to you in 3 to 4 days by e-mail.
Consulting Fees
INR (Indian Rupee) 1333/- (for all payments made in India) and USD (USDollar) $20 (for all clients requesting service from outside in India).

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