Education Predictions

Education Predictions


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Education is an important source of change in a person's life and also it helps the person evolve from a lifestyle that is mediocre. There are variations in the education that is acquired as some are able to obtain a higher quality of education while others are not too fortunate. There are many obstacles that affect the education of a person, poor memory; poor concentration levels and diversion of thoughts are some of these obstacles.
Certain people are not able to choose the right schools, colleges and even the right field of education, and they later suffer in life. They are not able to figure out which field would suit them the most and will be beneficial for them in the future.
As per the birth chart and the Karma theory, we will be able to provide you with the necessary details and also help you understand your situation in education, which department will be suitable and which domain will help you attain more success.
The following details will be provided to you:
1. Your entire Horoscope details
2. Details about your education
3. Obstructions in your education
4. Opportunities regarding your education abroad
5. Education after employment
6. Special features in your Horoscope
7. Present situation of Dosha/Bukthi in your Horoscope will be explained
10. Detailed predictions and remedies will be provided
To perform a thorough analysis on your educational opportunities and help you obtain answers, we require the following details:
• Name
• Nick Name
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Time of birth
A detailed explanation about your education will be provided to you by e-mail within 3 to 4 days. Based on these details, education will not be a problem but more of a stepping stone to success.
Consulting Fees
INR (Indian Rupee) 1333/- (for all payments made in India) and USD (USDollar) $20 (for all clients requesting service from outside in India)

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