Health Predictions

Health Predictions


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Health is an important and perhaps the primary aspect which will help you lead a successful life. The proverb “Health is wealth” does make sense when elaborated further. Health can help you put more efforts and your efforts will bear more fruit. Good health means a good personal and professional life.
The God's blessing is required to have the basic requirements and even more, and all that is good is given by God. For those who are suffering physically, suffer due to their past Karma while some lead a negative lifestyle which affects their health.
The details of your Horoscope will be analysed and the necessary details will help in providing you with remedies that can help in improving your health and also improving the lifestyle of the person. The Horoscope will provide you with remedies such as specific poojas, Yagnas, visiting temples and consuming herbs that would prevent further health issues.
The below details will help you led a more healthy and prosperous life:
1. Your entire Horoscope details
2. Details on your health (both physical and mental)
3. Your strengths and Weaknesses
4. Special features in your Horoscope
5. Present situation of Dosha/Bukthi in your Horoscope
6. Whether you will be going through surgeries in the future
7. Managing your health
8. Detailed predictions and remedies
Various details will be provided to you regarding your health. The analysis will be conducted based on the details you provide:
• Name
• Nick Name
• Date of birth
• Place of birth
• Time of birth
The details will be provided to you by e-mail and all our predictions will be provided to you in detail and explanations will also be provided. The remedies to any noted problems will also be mentioned to you in the e-mail which you will receive within 3 to 4 days.
Consulting Fees
INR (Indian Rupee) 1001/- (for all payments made in India) and USD (USDollar) $15 (for all clients requesting service from outside in India)

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