Marriage Matching

Marriage Matching


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It is not just the right time or the right place, the right mood that makes a marriage perfect, it is also the right person. Marriages are a made in heaven and heaven can only be sustained in a marriage as long as the right one is found. Being made for each other is the true secret for a happy married life. Parents are always on the lookout for the right bride and the right groom for their children. Matching the boy/girl’s horoscope is based on the cycle of the moon. These matches almost suit each other. The ceremonies and other rituals follow thereafter.
The couple’s planetary positions and the Dosha samyam, 6th &8th place are examined for the boy and girl. The Lagna should not be placed between 6,8 and 12. Girl’s Rasi may be the boy’s Lagna and the Lagna is in the same place as the girl’s, the match can be stated as a successful and a compatible one.
In Hindu customs, the 10th matches are stated to be the most preferred and they do not examine the Bhava chart of the couples. The planetary positions of the couples are also neglected. If the planetary positions are not examined properly, then the couples will face agony, mental stress and even divorce.
A good Astrologer is like a physician; he finds out ailments and provides you with the cure. The horoscope of the couples is important for the girl and the boy to live a peaceful and happy married life.
All the details and predictions to your horoscope will be provided to through e-mail within 3 to 4 days.
Consulting Fees
INR (Indian Rupee) 1001/- (for all payments made in India) and USD (USDollar) $15 (for all clients requesting service from outside in India)

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