Prassana Marga

Prassana Marga


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There are ways by which predictions can be made without using the birth chart and these ways have been found by Aneeston and Siddhar. The number of ways are infinite, particularly in Gnana Deepika, Prassana Sangraha, Prassana Ratna, Prana Gnanam, Bhuvane Deepika, Chinthamani and Prassana Marga.
These books have provided us with many ways by which Astrologers can predict the future and also define solutions for every situation. A learned scholar in Astrology can understand which way is more suitable for a person and their problems are gauged based on that. The success of the prediction is based on choosing the right method and attaining that knowledge means to become well versed in all the books. After all, the absence of a birth chart should not stop you from acquiring a solution to your problem.
Clear access of total Doshas and Devatha Siddhis will help in providing the necessary solutions to all the problems through precise predictions.
We judge the Prasanna Arudha, Numeric Arudha, Betree leave Arudha, sea conch (small sozhi's) Arudha gives us an examination of all the problems and provides a clear prediction of your situations.
Prediction of Jupiter transit of 2016-2017 is that those who believe in Almighty are not deceived in life. The four Vedas have provided us with the statement that humans who have devoted their life towards serving the Guru will never be let down in life.
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